Located on South Boulder Highway in Henderson, Nevada, the Clark County Museum is a 30-acre site filled with historic buildings, artifacts, and an array of outdoor displays. In addition to the main building, the museum has a nature trail and a collection of restored historic buildings on Heritage Street. Call your friends and family to explore the museum at 1830 S Boulder Hwy, Henderson, NV 89002.

The Clark County Museum’s main exhibit hall chronicles the history of Southern Nevada. There are displays of mining and railroad history, Native American, Anglo, and African American heritage, and Las Vegas as a gambling mecca. The museum also features several historic houses. The Anna Robert Parks Exhibit Hall highlights the history of Anglo and Native American settlers, mining technology, and the town-sites of the early 1800s.

In addition to the museum’s permanent exhibits, the museum features several rotating world class art exhibitions. Visitors can see works by Picasso, Warhol, and other well-known artists. The museum also features artwork from private collections and prestigious international museums. The museum’s mission is to promote an understanding of art as an enduring human endeavor. The museum is open daily from 9am to 430pm. However, it closes on New Year’s Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. The museum also offers a variety of special rates and tours.

The Clark County Museum is a lovely place to explore. It boasts more than one million artifacts and is packed with historical structures that highlight the bygone era of Las Vegas. Visitors can see the historic railroad cottage that was relocated to the museum’s grounds. Originally built in 1918, the engine was used to move railroad cars in the Las Vegas railyard. The museum purchased the 162,000-pound engine in 1984.

The museum also features a replica print shop, built in the style of late 19th-century printing. The 1890 Babcock Printing Press is on display, as well as the Mentges folding machine. The museum also has a collection of antique mining equipment. There is also an area dedicated to the Immigrant Trail and Lovelock Cave. Visitors can also tour the museum’s gazebo and ticket office, which was once used to sell tickets for the Las Vegas railroad. The visitor’s center also features a short video about the history of the Las Vegas area.

The Clark County Museum also has a variety of exhibits, including the Remembering 1 October Collection. This collection contains 22,000 artifacts, including photographs, records, and physical descriptions. The museum also features a half-mile nature trail.

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The Clark County Museum has an excellent website that includes a wealth of information and photos of the museum’s exhibits. Visitors can also click on the photos and enlarge them. In addition to the museum, visitors can find several historic houses, a ranching outpost, and a classic ghost town.

The Clark County Museum is also home to the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum, which is a joint venture with the Clark County Parks and Recreation Department of Aviation. The museum also features more exhibits in Terminal One of the McCarran International Airport. The museum also has a special rate for group tours.

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